Friday, November 12, 2010

ECCC Newsletter, November 2010

  • Thursday November 18, 2010, ECCC's Meeting: "Redevelopment 101"
  • Save Lots of $$$ - Get See's Candy Delivered to Your Door & Help the ECCC Raise Money
  • Volunteer(s) Needed - Help!!
  • Thursday Devember 17 , 2010 is the ECCC's Holiday Celebration Get-Together & Pot Luck
  • October's ECCC Meeting
  • El Cerrito Enclave Project Review - CACPB Recommends Denial of Permit - Project Now Goes to the Planning Commission
  • ECCC's Thank You Letter to the Mid-City Police Department
  • Do You Know a Community Resident Who May Be in Special Need of Assistance with Home Repairs?
  • Mid-City Police Department's Phone Number
  • Newsletter Donations Needed
  • Results of Curb-Side Clean-Up on Redland Place, Redland Drive & 55th Street
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The November 2010 El Cerrito Community Newsletter
The November 2010 El Cerrito Community Newsletter, Pg 4 with Ads

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