Saturday, May 7, 2011

University Avenue Mobility Study

With funds from the Crossroads Redevelopment Area, the City of San Diego is developing new plans for University Avenue. The University Avenue Mobility Study will develop a comprehensive plan to improve all modes of transportation in the University Avenue Corridor. The goal of the study is to identify short-mid and long term projects that will improve pedestrian access, bicycle facilities and accessibility, transit operations and facilities and traffic flow in the corridor. The study area for the project extends along the length of University Avenue from 54th Street to 69th Street.

Community input for the Mobility Study comes from a from a series of Community Workshops and from a Working Group, including ECCC Board member, Carl Luster. For more information about community involvement, follow the link for the “University Avenue Mobility Plan 54th to 68th Street” in the Transportation Studies list on the City’s Engineering and Capital Projects home page at

Select the following links to view the revised meeting schedule, minutes, and other documents for the University Avenue Mobility Study:

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