Monday, April 12, 2010

Changing The Guard

Mrs. Peacock and her late husband moved into a house on Berting Street more than 40 years ago. During much of that time, Mr. Peacock served as Block Captain for their neighborhood, and since his death, she has taken over that responsibility. At the March 18 ECCC community meeting, Mrs. Peacock gave up her position as Block Captain, pinning her late husband’s Block Captain name tag on Maurize Rios. The image shows (from left) Maurize Rios, Mrs. Peacock and Carl Luster.

In addition to delivering the ECCC newsletter to Berting Street, Dayton Street, and Gilbert Drive, Maurize will now serve as a central contact point for residents in his neighborhood. Thanks to Mrs. Peacock and her late husband for their years of community service, and thanks to Maurize Rios for volunteering his time and effort.

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