Saturday, March 6, 2010

ECCC Amends Bylaws and Adopts Standing Rules

In accordance with the amended Bylaws approved at the January Community meeting, the ECCC Board of Directors adopted a set of Standing Rules at its meeting on March 4. The Standing Rules implement the Bylaws with policies and procedures to guide the month to month operation of the ECCC, its Board of Directors, and Standing Committees. Provisions of the Standing Rules include the order of business for Board meetings, financial policies, community participation, political forums, membership lists, the newsletter, and committees.

At its January 21 meeting, the ECCC amended its bylaws through a vote of the active membership. The Bylaws were last amended in June 2007, and these amendments bring them into line with current practice. The main differences with the 2007 version are changing the notification requirements for decision items from two weeks to one week, establishing a process for creating standing committees, and requiring the Board of Directors to adopt standing rules.

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Amended Bylaws.

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Proposed Standing Rules.

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