Friday, January 8, 2010

College Avenue Traffic Signals

Residents attending the December 17 El Cerrito Community Council meeting/pot-luck voted to support installing two traffic signals on College Avenue, one at Arosa Street and one at Adams Avenue.

Select the following link to read the letter of support that is being sent to the College Area Community Council and the Crossroads Redevelopment Project Area Committee:

College Avenue Traffic Signals Letter of Support.

Select the following link to view information about traffic and traffic signals on College Avenue:

College Avenue Traffic Signals Information.

1 comment:

  1. There is no documented proof that the proposed signal lights will accomplish the requested goals. A traffic report posted (blindly) has only vague references to the location of Adams and College. In fact the opposite will result. I live south of Madison on 59th St. The signal light is an attraction for car traffic. They count cars on the street often, so documentation of this will show marked increase over other streets in the area. Signal lights increase traffic on the street installed. They are reducing safety, and degrading the Quality of life for those of us who live on the streets with signal lights, not the opposite, as stated as a goal in the letter of recommendation.
    It's odd that a really dangerous intersection has been overlooked for years--58th and El Cajon. Doesn't interest anybody?
    A better use of taxpayer dollars would be to synchronize the existing signals in the area. This would reduce cars, trucks, and buses from the lengthy times that are now spent idling at "dumb" intersections.
    In my Delivery business, we allow 15 minutes to drive from I-94 to Montezuma. That's an average speed of 8 mph.
    Increasing signal lights in our area will lead to increased traffic congestion, add additional expenses to commercial deliveries, reduce air quality (idling trucks, buses, cars), increase motor fuel consumption, and degrade the quality of life in the surrounding area